About 10MD

Ten Medical Design AB (10MD) is committed to developing medical technology products based on true customer needs.

Think ahead. Safety first.

The 10MD product HeadPeace is the company´s first product based on a unique radiation protection textile. HeadPeace has received CE mark and was recently clinically validated by Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden.

“I have now also started to wear a dedicated head protection cap,” tweeted Professor Jim Reekers, interventional radiologist at Amsterdam Medical Center and fellow of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE).

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10MD granted patent in the USA

Mar 19, 2019
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Successful external audit of 10MD manufacturing processes

Mar 4, 2019
“The positive result from the surveillance audit performed by SGS is a team effort by 10MD and our subcontractors”, says Fredrik Gellerstedt, CEO at 10MD.  10MD has developed the first... Read more

HeadPeace now in the Netherlands!

Nov 20, 2018
Healthcare staff working in OR are not fully protected from harmful radiation. To mitigate the risk of radiation exposure, the use of leaded aprons, thyroid and glasses are mandatory. However, the... Read more