”Being able to wash would be fantastic. This may improve hygiene and safety in OR”

Dr. van Herzeele, Vascular Surgeon, Imperial College, London, UK

About 10MD

Ten Medical Design AB (10MD) is committed to developing medical technology products based on true customer needs.

10MD has developed a new attenuating material for radiation protection garments. The unique material, NAFT™, offers unique advantages compared to existing materials on the market. NAFT is expected to reach the market in 2017.


Vinnova supports technical verification in clinical environment

Dec 1, 2016
Sahlgrenska University Hospital will coordinate and perform a clinical evaluation of a new 10MD product based on NAFT, together with four hospitals in Northern and Central Europe.  Sahlgrenska... Read more

10MD receives funding from SWElife

Oct 12, 2016
Ten Medical Design AB (10MD) is a medical technology company committed to providing innovative products to healthcare professionals. In October 2015, 10MD was granted its first patent approval for ... Read more

10MD project member of Production 2030

Sep 26, 2016
Production 2030 is a strategic innovation initiative for sustainable production funded by Vinnova (Sweden’s innovation agency), Formas (the Swedish research council for sustainable development) and... Read more