Angiocare distributes HeadPeace in The Netherlands

Mar 25, 2019

10MD has signed a distribution agreement with Angiocare.

Angiocare is recognized as the number 1 independent distributor in The Netherlands focusing on diagnostic and interventional therapeutic solutions in the field of Cardiology, Radiology, Vascular Surgery and Interventional Oncology. 

"Radiation protection is already since years a buzz word and we are extremely interested in bringing radiation protection as a added value to our company", says Alexander de Vries, Director Commercial Operations at Angiocare.

HeadPeace is designed to provide radiation protection in the front and on the sides of the head and is clinically proven for its reduction of scatter radiation and for its usability in the OR. HeadPeace has received CE mark, the legal requirement for access to the European market. 

"There is great interest for HeadPeace in The Netherlands and therefore it is with great pleasure I can inform that we have come to an agreement with Angiocare. Angiocare is the exact type of distributor that we are looking for - knowledgable staff with established end-user contacts.  ", says one of the founders of 10MD Petra Apell.



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