10MD announces new elections of Board of Directors

Sep 30, 2019
Mrs. Pernilla Lindén, B.Sc Business & Economics is highly experienced in Finance, Manufacturing and Supply chain from previous positions at Mölnlycke Healthcare and Tudor. Currently CFO at... Read more

Successful verification of MindPeace in Europe

Sep 10, 2019
Radiation exposure is of major concern for healthcare professionals who are exposed to X-ray while performing image-guided surgical interventions. Fifteen Medical Doctors had the opportunity to... Read more

CE mark applications submitted to regulatory authorities

Jul 24, 2019
Following positive customer feedback during pre-development, 10MD has decided to file for CE approval on three new products offering extended personal protection compared to existing products on... Read more

Final grant for 10MD platform patent

Jul 10, 2019
Concluding the round of approvals with the Japanese patent authorities, 10MD can now summarize the geographical protection of its' core radiation protective material, TeXray. Since earlier, the... Read more

10MD continues to build Intellectual properties

Jun 18, 2019
10MD has recently filed another patent application for the company's next product line. The patent family constitutes of an innovative product line focusing on the reduction of radiation exposure... Read more

Decision to grant 10MD patent in Europe

May 13, 2019
This patent describes ways for the surgical staff to stay protected from X-ray radiation using a radiation protection textile being permeable to air while complying with the high demands for ... Read more

10MD winner of Dragon's Den at CX Symposium in London

Apr 19, 2019
Eleven entrepreneurs entered the Dragons' Den to present their ideas to an expert panel at CX Symposium, held in London April 15-18, 2019 . The expert panel was represented by Prof. Andrew Holden (... Read more

Oncology in Sweden highlights 10MD (in Swedish)

Apr 18, 2019
Onkologi i Sverige är ett branschforum för erfarenhetsutbyte, debatt och eftertanke som tar det vida perspektivet på cancervård. Deras tidning distribueras sex gånger per år  (7500 exemplar) till... Read more

Vascular News highlights 10MD

Apr 18, 2019
Vascular News is one of six titles, in which BIBA Publishing offers a one-stop-shop for breaking news, reports of the most interesting scientific papers, conference coverage, original stories, as... Read more

Angiocare distributes HeadPeace in The Netherlands

Mar 25, 2019
Angiocare is recognized as the number 1 independent distributor in The Netherlands focusing on diagnostic and interventional therapeutic solutions in the field of Cardiology, Radiology, Vascular... Read more