Ergonomic assessment of a unique 10MD product

May 10, 2016
The rapid development of new techniques and devices in image-guided surgery has led to an increased frequency and complexity in interventional procedures. The dosage of ionizing radiation among... Read more

Collaboration with Swerea IVF - Technology and Growth

Mar 1, 2016
Swerea IVF develops and implements new technologies and new working methods within a range of sectors focusing on product, process and production development.  Swerea IVF has been supporting... Read more

10MD receives funding from Vinnova

Dec 9, 2015
Sweden is dependent on new innovative development based companies, that can become future growth companies. 10MD was selected to receive funding by Vinnova within the "Innovationsprojekt i företag... Read more

Grant of patent application

Oct 27, 2015
X-ray imaging has during the past 20 years proven to be an efficient tool in surgical procedures and the technique is still emerging into new surgical fields. As a consequence of X-ray, the staff... Read more

NAFT further tested for its efficacy and safety

Feb 20, 2015
Previous tests have shown that SafeTex is capable of providing sufficient radiation protection for healthcare staff working in a radiation environment. Based on these promising tests, 10MD decided... Read more

10MD receives additional funding

Nov 1, 2014
Swerea Group, a Swedish industrial research group that encompasses Sweden's industrial research institutes within the fields of materials, process, product and production technology has decided to... Read more

10MD strengthens the team

Oct 1, 2014
Ten Medical Design (10MD) strenghtens the team to prepare the company from a late development stage into a commercialization phase. Mr Zebastian Bohström, PhD in Chemistry, was hired to... Read more

Prototype displayed at Smart Textiles

Sep 2, 2014
Smart Textiles is situated in the textile mecca of Sweden, Borås. Researchers at Smart Textiles have supported Ten Medical Design AB (10MD) since the early start of the development of NAFT. "We... Read more

Mr. Leif Brodén, new Chairman of the Board

Sep 1, 2014
Mr. Leif Brodén, a visionary entrepreneur and well respected business leader, has chosen 10MD as his next adventure. Mr Brodén was recently elected Chairman of the Board for 10MD. "10MD is an... Read more

10MD receives funding from Vinnova

Jun 17, 2014
Ten Medical Design (10MD) receives funding from Vinnova, the Swedish governmental agency for innovation systems.   Sweden is dependent on new innovative development based companies, that can... Read more