The solution – NAFT™

10MD has engineered a unique radiation protective lead-free textile material, NAFT™. NAFT intended use is active component in radiation protective clothings.

NAFT™ is a lead-free woven textile material providing superior ergonomic properties compared to metal composites commonly used in traditional radiation protection clothings. NAFT provides the possibility to wash the garment in a regular manner using a washing machine. This may increase patient safety due to minimizing risks for infections. It may also enable more effective disinfection and washing protocols for hospital and surgical staff. The same requirements that are enforced for surgical drapes and gowns may for patient safety and healthcare professional health reasons be enforced for radiation PPE. 

NAFT is an attenuating textile designed to minimizing exposure of ionizing radiation in medical radiation protective clothing.

In October 2015, the Swedish Patent- and Registration Authority (PRV) decided to grant the 10MD patent application for NAFT radiation protective textile material.

Together with the Canadian designer Angella Mackey and experienced healthcare professionals, 10MD has developed and tested a variety of prototypes.