Healthcare professionals within the fields of radiology, cardiology, and surgery are exposed to radiation hazards and ergonomic risks associated with the use of radiation protection garments.

The need for improved personal radiation protection is remarkably high, especially for the healthcare professionals required wearing protective gear during long and complex endovascular procedures, i.e. percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and cardiac surgery. Performing a complex heart surgery may take a few hours and the operator carries heavy radiation protection garments to protect him- or herself. Healthcare professionals often experience ergonomic problems and many, according to 10MD study 70%, state pain in the deltoid, trapezius, lumbago and cervical region resulting in sick leaves ranging from one week up to 6 months. Radiation protection apron users state that available market PPE are: warm, heavy, stiff and uncomfortable. Resulting, according to 10MD study, that healthcare profesionals do not use radiation protection aprons during radiological imaging examinations and interventional procedures. The main reasons for not using radiation protection properly was due to discomfort and in some instances ignorance of physological effects of superficial ionizing radiation.

10MD is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with radiation protection devices with improved ergonomics.  10MD radiation protection devices are based on the patented SafeTex technology. SafeTex fulfils the technical requirements for ISO 61331, and has the capability of improving ergonomic parameters such as anthropometrics, biomechanics, vapour transport and thermal sensation. 



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