Patient safety may be at risk when radiation protection garments are not sterile. 

A surgical environment needs to be sterile and hygienic to avoid infections and thereby improve patient safety and clinical outcomes. It has been shown that less than 1% of healthcare staff in the operating room perceive their own radiation protection aprons as hygienic. 

Performing a complex percutaneous intervention may take a few hours and the operator has to carry heavy and dense apron to protect him- or herself throughout the surgical procedure. Not seldom, the heat causes the operator to sweat immensively. A recent ergonomic study showed that 89% of the users perceive current aprons as warm.

Due to the nature of the material, the existing aprons on the market can not be washed in a hygienic manner. Hospital guidelines often require users to wipe off the aprons with ethanol prior to a surgical procedure. Unfortunately this is often not the case in reality. 

There is a clear identified unmet customer need for improved radiation protection garments. 10MD has focused its resources on solving the customer needs for a functional and hygienic material.


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